• Sheel Majumdar

    Sheel Majumdar

    I write about Cricket and Self-Leadership.

  • Christian Contardi

    Christian Contardi

    Web fluff overlord, AI maniac, tamer of clams, tech maximalist, oxymorons producer, beard owner, ties obsessed, tweener guru, couch ninja. Don't follow me close

  • Varsha Paul

    Varsha Paul

    Only I can defeat me!

  • Charlotte Delaume-Henry

    Charlotte Delaume-Henry

  • Perry Timms

    Perry Timms

    CEO PTHR |2x TEDx speaker | Author: Transformational HR + The Energized Workplace | HR Most Influential Thinker 2017-2019 | Soulboy + Northampton Town fan

  • Ben Zeisloft

    Ben Zeisloft

    Labor market analyst at Qlicket. Student at the Wharton School. Contact me via ben@qlicket.com with inquiries.

  • Kevin R. Brown

    Kevin R. Brown

    Chief Operating Officer at HR Innovate. Avid traveler. Fan of dogs and robots.

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