The events of the past year, spearheaded by the COVID-19 pandemic, have changed the world of work massively. The business scenario is marked by wide-ranging uncertainty, and HR leadership needs to support company employees in this situation.

What this has meant for HR leader roles is a need to reimagine conventional HR approaches and strategies. There is an urgent need to conduct two-way conversations with members of the workforce, to listen and respond to their concerns. This is critical for engaging, supporting, and retaining talent.

How has the pandemic affected employee engagement?

Since the onset of the pandemic, a large…

For HR leadership, 2020 was a year of battling a crisis, the likes of which the world had scarcely known. As 2021 rolls on, there will be much adaptation to the work of HR professionals. Traditional methods of work and life will not work, and reinvention will be the need of the hour so that the industry is able to stay in sync with multiple changes.

As with other HR responsibilities, recruitment is expected to see several changes too. …

One of the best ways to keep yourself updated about the HR industry is to read HR magazines. Thought leadership articles from the HR leaders, news from the industry, and insights from the industry in magazines keep you updated. Now that HR technology, a constantly advancing field, has become a significant part of the HR industry, it is imperative to keep yourself updated about it. HR tech magazines are useful in this regard. Below is a list of the top HR magazines in the United States.

1. Workforce

People management is a key area of focus among employers. Workforce publishes content related…

Blockchain has off late emerged as a revolutionary helping tool for HR professionals, especially for the purposes of hiring and recruitment. Every HR individual seeks an ideal candidate to fill in a specific job position. But, let’s admit it, finding top talent is difficult, specifically for leadership positions. When we talk blockchain, almost everyone would first think of cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin. But, that’s not what disruptive tech is all about. The deployment of blockchain has expanded to multiple avenues, more than what you would be thinking.

Of all, the applicability of blockchain is taking off in an unprecedented manner…

Artificial intelligence is disrupting human resources management. Learn how AI is bringing the change in the world.

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Artificial intelligence is a disruptive technology. It has transformed many business functions including human resources management. The technology continues to change the way human resources management teams operate across the industry. If you’re a CHRO, here are a few trends involving AI, you should keep a check on.

Artificial intelligence in recruitment
Recruitment is a continuous and repetitive task. And one task AI is extremely good at is — automating repetitive tasks. Recruitment is a long process with several repetitive tasks, which…

CHRO and global HR leaders today need to be proactive in augmenting tech infrastructure. Successfully fending off cyberattacks require collaboration with work from home employees and IT staff. Follow these action points to protect your organization.

As homes became the new office, and employees shifted to remote working overnight, the change or the ‘new normal’ as it’s called spurred up several technological challenges for Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs). The primary of those is cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity was a concern even before the pandemic hit, but its urgency has exacerbated after COVID-19.

Businesses where information security is pertinent — including finance, insurance, those working on patent-related projects, call centers, and more — the challenge of preventing information leakage amid dispersed systems (in work from home) become a tall order for the global HR leaders. …

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, remote working culture has taken over as a new norm. Chief HR officers must ensure managing workers effectively.

The heightened online search for the term “remote working” in the last couple of months shows the extent to which the new culture has generated curiosity around the world.

Remote working has emerged as a new norm of working. Amid the 🔗COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been forced to remain indoors and deliver while being within the closed doors of their respective homes. …

Chief HR officers play a crucial role at this time of crisis (pandemic COVID-19). The central theme surrounds employee wellbeing, business continuity, and performance.

Many areas of the world are encountering an expanding outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus, COVID-19. On March 11, the World Health Organization branded COVID-19 as a pandemic.

To break the chain of COVID-19 spreading, schools, transport, services, organizations, and communities are experiencing closures worldwide. The essentials alone are available online and at defined places where they need to follow the strict guidelines. Mandatory company closures and requests for work-from-home have hit the workplaces.

At this juncture, Human resources personnel, especially the 🔗chief human resource officers (CHROs) have additional responsibilities to ensure employee safety, meet organizational priorities…

Gender bias in AI currently is a burning topic globally. With AI in recruitment now being extensively applied, gender-bias concerns are on a rise.


Genders’ bias in AI is a burning topic of the current times with women from all walks of life condemning the way AI algorithms are getting built and fed. Unconsciously, AI engineers and scientists are feeding biased datasets to smart systems and machines capable of executing on 🔗NLP (Natural Language Processing). AI programs and ML algorithms have been made to learn and identify things in a gender-biased manner which has aroused widespread anger globally.

Alexa and…

Coronavirus is halting businesses and scaring people. HR leaders have a big role to play in maintaining business stability amid this din. Here’s what HR leaders can do to protect their workplace.

A knee-jerk reaction isn’t enough.

You can either be reactionary or precautionary in your approach.

You can wait until the virus arrives in communities where you operate, or you can say I know better than to wait for the pandemic to reach my doorsteps and put on your HR white coat.

While it would be counterintuitive not to do anything, few know what to do. How are leading human resource professionals and organizations responding to the novel coronavirus? A quick primer.

👉 Challenge before HR leaders

The global Covid-19 contagion has affected lives and disrupted businesses around the globe. …

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