5 Top HR Magazines In The United States

One of the best ways to keep yourself updated about the HR industry is to read HR magazines. Thought leadership articles from the HR leaders, news from the industry, and insights from the industry in magazines keep you updated. Now that HR technology, a constantly advancing field, has become a significant part of the HR industry, it is imperative to keep yourself updated about it. HR tech magazines are useful in this regard. Below is a list of the top HR magazines in the United States.

People management is a key area of focus among employers. Workforce publishes content related to people management and business strategy. HR professionals looking to become more strategic in their work, which is essential these days, will find the content useful. As an HR professional, if you were ever looking to become more business-oriented, this online magazine will become your go-to resource.

This online magazine covers a wide range of HR topics, news, opinion, and solutions to trending problems in the HR industry. TopCHRO is an incredible resource for new entrants in the industry as much as it is for seasoned HR professionals. You will find opinion pieces on challenging HR problems of our time from HR leaders.

Topics include HR tech, employee engagement and development, diversity, talent management, diversity, and inclusion, among others. TopCHRO regularly publishes news and industry events related to HR. You can also expect infographics, videos, and other bite-sized informative content related to pressing HR problems.

Launched in 2015, the HR digest offers content on topics ranging from compensation, benefits, recruitment, and workplace culture, to harassment and diversity. The magazine is a highly valuable resource for HR professionals who are looking to keep themselves aware of the challenges in the HR world and solutions that later can be put to use. The magazine is published in January, April, July, and October.

With nearly 100,000 HR professionals readers, the HR Gazette is one of the most popular HR tech publications. The online magazine publishes content related to HR technology, talent management, recruitment, benefits, employment, performance, learning and development, and more. It also publishes opinion pieces, analysis, and news from the HR industry. In a nutshell, this magazine is a comprehensive resource for HR professionals to keep themselves updated about the HR industry. The magazine further regularly features profiles of HR leaders, interviews from HR experts, critical discussion, and roundtables.

Started in 1987, Human Resource Executive is a premier publication, catering to senior executives in human resources. The publication counts vice presidents, CHROs, directors of the human resource of the world’s leading employers as its readers. Human Resource Executive publishes content related to strategic issues in human resources. The publication also offers profiles of key decision-makers, leaders who have done exceptionally well in the field of human resources. The magazine covers a wide range of topics including talent management, healthcare training and development, relocation, planning and development, and employment law. The topics generally revolve around issues that professionals face in the world of work.

Currently, about 75,000 HR decision-makers receive the print publication, 12 times a year, and more than 100,000 readers receive the digital magazine on their desktop, tablet, wallet, and smartphone.

These are the most valuable HR magazines in the United States. If you are not subscribed to any of these magazines, now would be a good time. Go ahead and subscribe to these magazines to keep yourself updated and to keep learning.

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